Page Rank in 2009

At the end of last year a lot of blog can gets updates of the google rankings. But not including this blog. This blog still with page rank 3. Although only able to reach rank 3 but has an additional passion for blogging.

To achieving page rank 3 is not without effort because page rank is not going up by itself without continuous blogging activities. If you see this in my blog, not a lot of comments and number of posts are not many. But, why Google can give me PR3 on this blog?

Once I remember, maybe a link to my blog entry is more than the outgoing links. That analysis is easy because I do not understand this. Largest incoming hits netted the keyword “Bass Player Cewek”, “Chua Kotak” and “Nissa Hamzah”. In addition I also use media as forum, links of london, to promote the blog to get backlinks to my blog. In addition, the presentation is also useful to the reader a very important role. If you like natural beauty or the atmosphere of the city like links  london, you can tell by the beautiful images accompanied. Maybe if you see an example of links of london charms, you can find the inspiration to write a good article.

In addition, there are also sites that provide facilities to increase traffic to advertise our blog, among other things like free advertising london links, forum and blog community. Of several articles of the senior bloggers I read, that blogs ranking will go up by itself if we can attract traffic from other bloggers, especially blogs with high page rank. And also gives the reader, the content being the most common warm sought or demand.

Similarly, a review of my blog page rank in the English language. I’m not fluent in English and are learning even with the help of friends and translators.


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